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Money And Debt Advice

We offer access to expert advice on money matters and debt.


Benefits are very much down to personal circumstances so you may not be receive the same as someone else!
As a member of HM Forces it is likely that you would never have had to use the benefits system.
Finding yourself in a situation which means you may have to apply for some form of financial support through benefits can be confusing and frustrating.
This section will point you in the right direction to enable you to obtain the relevant and necessary expert knowledge.
This should ensure you receive all the benefits and allowances you are entitled to.
If you have been in employment for the previous 2 years and paid your national insurance contribution, it is likely that you will be entitled to the full range of benefits available.  However, if you have not been in full employment, this does not mean that you will not be entitled to benefits just that there may be limitations.
It is the aim of Veterans First Point to help you maximise your benefits.  We will do this by working with the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) and Citizens' Advice Bureau (CAB).  Both agencies come to the Centre on a regular basis so please contact us for an appointment. See the news section for the next series of visits.  The SPVA will also be able to advise on any issues regarding war pensions or war injury compensation schemes.
This will enable a full benefits check to be carried out on your behalf to ensure you and/or your family is receiving your full entitlement. You can also get help here with filling in your benefits forms.

Useful Points of Contact 

New Benefits Claims 
Tel: 0800 055 6688
(for claimants who have never received any form of benefit before)
Income Support
Tel: 0845 377 6001
Incapacity Benefit

Tel: 0845 537 6001
Disability Living Allowance
Tel: 08457 123456
Winter Fuel Allowance
Tel: 08459 151515
Community Care Grant
Tel: 08456 088 661
Social Care Grant/Loan
For queries on Scottish Welfare Fund applications, contact your local council.
Working Family Tax Credit
Tel: 0845 300 3900
Child Tax Credit
Tel: 0845 300 3900

Pension Credits
Tel: 0800 99 1234

All of these are state benefits and are directly linked to your previous employment and current status. A specialist benefits advisor is really your best source to find out what you are entitled to (and also identify what you are not!).

It is also possible that Veterans' organisations, typically SSAFA, Poppy Scotland or Help for Heroes, may be in a position to offer grants or loans to help you set up home or a new business.

We are finding that many ex-service personnel do not know about all the benefits that they might be entitled to and, a few, do not even want to claim them! So, get yourself sorted by phoning the SPVA or make an appointment to see them here at Veterans First Point.

Discount Cards
The following organisations offer discount travel and holidays for veterans with disabilities or vulnerabilities but are subject to confirmation of eligibility

Transport for London
(For discounted/free bus, rail and water bus services in London)
Oyster Cards
Admaze 4121
0845 331 9872

Disabled Persons Rail Card
PO Box 11631
AB30 9AA
0845 605 0525

(Holiday breaks for disabled and carers)
Shap Road Industrial Estate
0845 345 1970

Your local Citizens Advice Office will be able to advise on further schemes in your area. logo Veterans UK logo Citizens advice logo

Citizens Advice Bureau Scotland

Citizens Advice Scotland, our 61 member bureaux and our consumer helpline together form Scotland’s largest independent advice network.

We help more than 300,000 people solve their problems each year in communities everywhere from city centres to the Highlands and Islands.

And we look at the problems people bring to our advice services and campaign for change where it’s needed most.
We work for a fairer Scotland where people are empowered and their rights respected.

This website, Advice for Scotland, is co-produced with colleagues in England and Northern Ireland.

Debt and money

Keeping on top of your money is a very important aspect of most people's lives. Sometimes unexpected events can cause real money problems.

On these pages we provide information for you to check how well you are managing your money and then what you can do if you do have some problems. We explain what types of money issues might affect you, like getting a mortgage, and also what options there are for getting out of debt and who can help you.

Assistance with:
Rent arrears
Mortgage problems
Monday - Friday 0900-2000 and Saturday 1000-1400. 
Call 0808 800 9060

Dundas Street CAB:
0131 558 3681
58 Dundas Street 
Edinburgh EH3 6QZ 

Veterans First Point Lothian hold a Citizens Advice Bureau Clinic fortnightly within our location.

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