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Venture Trust - Positive Futures - Info Afternoon 01.08.18

Our friends at Venture Trust are launching their Positive Futures programme.  What is Positive Futures I hear you ask.........


Positive Futures is specifically for veterans who have a wealth of experience and skill, young or old, but who are finding it difficult to see their place in civilian life.  In partnership with military charities and organisations, Positive Futures forms part of a programme of personal development with 7 days in the wilderness, which helps participants to develop the life skills to see things differently and make positive changes.


Venture Trust will be at the Wellgate Library in Dundee (outside Citizens Advice) on Wednesday 01st August 2018, 12md-3pm, should you require further information or check out the Venture Trust website or contact the team here at Veterans First Point Tayside, Christine or Wendy on 01382424029 or 07811471443 and we will be happy to broker links for you with Venture Trust.  We can organise individual meetings with Venture Trust to be held at The Cottage, Kings Cross.