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Drop In Dates (Fife)


The frequency of the V1P drop ins will be reduced to fortnightly in each venue (i.e. one per week) until further notice)


        Kirkcaldy Drop In will take place on the following dates,

December              January                         February                        March

19/12/2019            16/01/2020                  13/02/2020                12/03/2020

                                 30/01/2020                   27/02/2020               26/03/2020


                             Dunfermline Drop In will be take place on the following dates,

December                  January                      February                         March

                                   06/01/2020                03/02/2020                    02/03/2020

                                   20/01/2020                17/02/2020                    16/03/2020