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"Veterans' Health & Well-Being in Scotland - Are We Getting it Right?"

Please find attached a link to my latest report, Veterans’ Health & Wellbeing in Scotland – Are We Getting it Right?. I am extremely grateful for the advice and insights you and many others provided during its preparation.

My research and widespread engagement led me to conclude that Veterans in Scotland are generally in relatively good health and have a positive experience of accessing health and social care provision. Ihave also identified a numer of key areas that are worthy of further exploration and debate.  The report is relatively short and I hope you and your colleagues have an opportunity to read it in full - I would, through, at least urge you to read the summary at page 16.

Over the coming months, I intend to produce subsequent reports examining the issues identified here with a series of recommendations to the Scottish Government and its partners. One of the purposes of producing this report is to stimulate some interest and debate around the issues of veterans’ health and wellbeing in Scotland. I would, therefore, very much welcome any feedback you or colleagues have on any of the issues that I raise in the report – or indeed anything else that you think is relevant but not covered at this stage. Please do get in touch.

I would also appreciate your help in sharing this report wider by harnessing your own communication channels, either by sharing it from our Facebook or Twitter pages, by distributing the link to the report or by posting your own content and tagging us in it, using the hashtag #girfvets (Getting it Right for Veterans).

I thank you again for your contribution and I look forward to speaking further in due course.


Eric Fraser (CBE)

Scottish Veterans Commissioner

Area 1J, Victoria Quay

Edinburgh EH6 6QQ

Telephone 0131 244 7136